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Star Wars Music Minute

Jul 16, 2021

Long live the Supreme Leader! After Snoke's dramatic (and loud) fall, Hux tempts fate, Kylo indulges in a Force choke, and the Resistance starts setting up on Crait. Chris Radtke is here with me to discuss Adam Driver's vocal gravitas, the space Bugs Bunny (Poe), and how the sound design of Crait's atmosphere reflects the desolation of the former Rebel base.

Discussion topics/Highlights:

  • The finality of Snoke's dense "thud" as his lower body hits the floor.
  • Adam Driver's voice and gravitas. Reminiscent of James Earl Jones?
  • Poe Dameron as Bugs Bunny (space guy from Brooklyn)
  • How the music and sound introduce us to Ahch-To and Crait in totally different ways.
  • Crait as a symbol of desperation, isolation, abandonment, desolate.
  • Jingle-jangle "wind chime" sound that the vulptices make, a credit to foley artists Margie O'Malley and Ronni Brown.
  • Crait vs. Hoth (and the various abandoned Rebel bases scattered across the galaxy)
  • Compliments to Poe.
  • "It all rhymes, man." --Radtke

Themes Referenced (in order of appearance): 41a. Kylo Ren 1 (Aggressive), 55a. Rose (A Section), 48a. March of the Resistance (A Section)3. Force

Where we are in the soundtrack: beginning of "Battle of Crait"

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