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Star Wars Music Minute

Jul 9, 2021

You won't find it on the commercial soundtrack, but the music leading up to Holdo's sacrifice represents the culmination of profound thematic transformation rarely heard in all of Star Wars.


  • How the Desperation motif spawned from the Tension motif (after various iterations).
  • Desperation motif is heard in its final form as the three subplots come to a head and finishes right as Holdo rams into the Supremacy.
  • Frank Lehman's "Thematic Transformation and the Limits of Leitmotivic Analysis"
  • Basic vs. advanced ways that leitmotifs tend to undergo transformation in Star Wars
  • The shelf-stable analogy of preserving precious leitmotifs for future use... and how that isn't the case here
  • Teleological genesis: when a theme develops from a motivic fragment and culminates in a final instance, never to reoccur.
  • Speculation, philosophical questions, and who cares about thematic transformation anyway?
  • Also in these minutes: silence!

Where we are in the soundtrack: "Holdo's Resolve" -- it's not on the commercial soundtrack.

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