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Star Wars Music Minute

Apr 15, 2022

Minutes 36-40 of Solo: A Star Wars Story with Klaudia Amenábar from RuPalp's Podrace! In addition to Powell's train heist scoring, we talk about the Dolby Atmos sound mix, stories from the production of Solo, and the purpose of Star Wars moviemaking in general.

Discussion Guide:

  • 00:00 - Hello there!
  • 06:03 - The fridging of Val.
  • 12:11 - Comparing Solo to The High Republic.
  • 17:23 - Rupalp's Podrace lore (all hail adult He).
  • 22:04 - Enfys Nest supposed to be Val and Beckett's kid? Production stories.
  • 28:53 - "Lando's Closet" is beautiful but uncharacteristically sentimental?
  • 34:16 - We'd love a score-only version of Solo.
  • 36:49 - Watching movies on so many different devices.
  • 45:41 - Is this a Dies Irae when Rio dies? (paging Alex Ludwig)
  • 56:50 - Thrawn tangent.
  • 1:01:42 - Pointy violin arpeggios and Young Han (reminiscent of beginning of the movie)
  • 1:09:03 - Val and Beckett, Han and Chewie, parallels with Boba and Fennec.
  • 1:24:49 - This should've been the Lando Calrission story or a buddy comedy about Han and Chewie.
  • 1:30:20 - Making movies to build fandom.
  • 1:54:10 - SWMM Questionnaire

Things to Check Out:


  • 5. The Gang
  • 1. Young Han Solo (Heroic, comp. JW)
  • 7b. Enfys Nest 2
  • 7a. Enfys Nest 1
  • 13) Dies Irae
  • 2a. Young Han Solo (Searching, comp. JW)
  • 2b. Young Han Solo (Searching Variant, comp. JW)

Where are we in the soundtrack(s)?:

  • "Deluxe Train Heist (2M15-16A-B-C)"



1. In exactly 3 words, what does Star Wars sound like?

  • Poetic. Epic. Inspiring.

2. What's something related to Star Wars music or sound that you want to learn more about?

  • The stories behind how various bits of music ended up in the films/shows. "How did that get there?"

3. What's a score or soundtrack you're fond of besides anything Star Wars?

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (composed by Joe Hisaishi)


Guest: Klaudia Amenábar


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