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Star Wars Music Minute

Mar 6, 2021

Luke has new theme music, and it's epic! A deep dive into the music heard in minutes 21-25 of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi.

Action: Rey follows Luke around while he does his thing on Ahch-To Island. We see him squirting green milk into his bottle and his mouth straight from the source. He pole vaults across cliffs, spears a very big fish, and hikes up the mountain in a thunderstorm. Finally, Rey follows suspicious Sith whispers to a mysterious, cavernous tree. Luke asks her who she is.


  • Luke's music video montage.
  • The harmonic relationship between Luke's themes and Rey's themes.
  • Hints on how to analyze film music.
  • Comparisons of the music vs. cinematography.
  • An attempt at moo-ing.

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