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Star Wars Music Minute

Feb 27, 2021

Master Skywalker throws his lightsaber out the door, porgs jump all over it, Chewbacca breaks into Luke's hut, we see Jedi tchotchkes, and Snoke says mean things to Kylo Ren, who ultimately smashes his ridiculous mask into a smoldering heap.

Joining me today is fellow nerd Ralph Apel from Casino Skunk!

Episode highlights:

  • How porg sounds were made 
  • The scene with Luke's Force accoutrements
  • The use of tritones... the devil's interval?
  • Imperial March cameo
  • 3 progressively angry Kylo Ren themes (piano demonstration) and the symbolism therein
  • A discussion on scores vs soundtrack versions
  • Galaxy's Edge sound secrets

Ralph Apel is at, and @casinoskunk on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Patreon.

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