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Star Wars Music Minute

Jun 4, 2021

Who knew the sound of fueling transports could be so satisfying? Blythe Kala joins me in a lively discussion about minutes 86-90 of The Last Jedi, featuring comedic droid beats, untranslated Wookiee words, and Rey meeting Kylo face-to-face for the first in the whole film. We also talk Rey vs. Kylo vs. Anakin's character motivations, film production tricks, and more.

Discussion topics/Highlights:

  • The satisfying sound of the fueling transports (ascending in pitch)
  • Rebel and Resistance themes (strict, military marches) versus Jedi themes (flowy, magical, bigger melodic range).
  • Comedic beats and sound design of BB-8
  • Droid and Wookiee speech are often left untranslated for the audience, leaving their sound and inflection up to our interpretation. This can be really handy when the filmmaker wants to leave things open-ended (like when Rey wants to tell Finn something)
  • Speculation regarding how the hologram scene with DJ was filmed
  • The music after Holdo orders Poe off her ship
  • Using green screen versus "volume" (and the cool new "volume" ILM invented for The Mandalorian)
  • Kylo vs. Rey vs. Anakin's character motivations

Themes Referenced (in order of appearance): Tension (Resistance in Trouble), Tension (Generic), Rey's Theme

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