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Star Wars Music Minute

May 28, 2021

Yoda comes bearing delicious Neapolitan and Lydian gifts! Joining me today is Star Wars Minute host Alex Robinson. We explore the harmony in this infamous scene, compare it to themes from other franchises, talk about digital technology's impact on film scoring, and discuss the artistic process.

Discussion topics/Highlights:

  • The Force theme with a Neapolitan chord replacing the Major IV chord.
  • Neapolitan chord may also be called IIb, flat two, flat II, Neapolitan 6th
  • Neapolitan chords in Yoda's theme, Indiana Jones theme, Superman theme
  • Marvel vs. Star Wars film scores
  • trash compactor music from A New Hope
  • Music as a manipulative narrative device
  • The effects of digital technology on filmmaking, including film scoring
  • Author's intent vs. audience interpretation
  • The Imperial March within Young Anakin's theme
  • The difficulty in defining artistic inspiration/process
  • Puppets, Muppets, Miss Piggy, Dark Crystal
  • Shoutouts to Pete the Retailer, Tony Thaxton, and the past week on Star Wars Minute

Themes Referenced (in order of appearance): Rey's theme, Force theme, Yoda's theme

Where we are in the soundtrack: 13. The Sacred Jedi Texts

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