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Star Wars Music Minute

May 8, 2021

Discussion topics/Highlights:

  • Glissando demonstration (like when Rose opens her ring)
  • The bountiful lineage of horse riding music
  • The musical DNA of Russian Romantic composers
  • What "chromatic" means in music (chromaticism, chromatic line, etc)
  • Sorry in advance, there's a rough sports analogy
  • Burkey's homework assignment
  • The neat little reference to one of John Williams' older scores
  • A comparison of the different things we (Burkey and Xanthe) notice in the music when watching a movie
  • John Williams and George Lucas as trendsetters

Motifs Referenced (in order of appearance): Resistance March, Rose's theme

Where we are in the soundtrack: "Who Are You?", "The Fathiers"

Music References:


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